Quality of Service

We bring over thirty years of combined healthcare experience to keep you and your love ones at home. We treat you and your family with respect, dignity, and compassion. We have high standard not only for your needs but also for you as an individual and we aim to always exceed your expectations and provide the highest level of care in the comfort of your home. We provide 24-hour services, including all holidays and weekends.

We strive to create personalized homecare solutions that are right for you. Our commitment is to deliver the best quality care in the comfort of your home – our promise.

Our employees are highly trained and very experienced healthcare professionals. They are trustworthy, love working with people and are dedicated to you and your well-being. They undergo thorough background checks including drugs and criminal background checks. They are not contract workers but are all employees of Paramount Healthcare Services, Inc. and they all participate in an ongoing specialized training and continuing educational program. They are all bonded and insured.

We always strive to hire the very best on the market. We look for people whose company you or your love ones would enjoy and we will never put an employee who we will not have taking care of our own family in your home.

Our focus is simply to keep you or your love ones at home for as long as possible. Our services make that happen for most people. We will provide you with the ability to be home.